Sunday, February 05, 2012


The following lucid sentences appeared in the paper yesterday, regarding a leader having a hard time corralling followers:

...his insides are unknown to them.  They don't know what's in there.  They fear he hasn't absorbed any philosophy along the way, that he'll be herky-jerky, unanchored, merely tactical...

The writer was Peggy Noonan in this opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal.  She writes of Mitt Romney.  But my point is not political.

These same words could be said of any of us offering leadership in our companies. Do those who work with us know our "insides"?  Do they know what overarching framework will shape our actions?  Do they fear us being "herky-jerky"?

This is why a deep understanding of Lean as a strategy is crucial.  Why having that framework is essential for the motivation and engagement of those with whom we work.  Why letting people see our "insides" is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength.


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