Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How do we Notice?? Part 3

Continuing to review recent communication on "things we notice" with my friend, Hal Macomber.

Hal cites the crucial work of Fernando Flores on this topic.  If you are not familiar with Flores' work on the criticality of language, here is a good summary article.

Flores explained this more effectively with the distinction "disclosive space." In short, what we see is governed by three concurrent aspects of our being.
  1. We see what we can distinguish, hence the need to learn.
  2. We see what we are concerned for, hence the importance to be clear for oneself and in social groups what concerns/goals we pursue.
  3. And, we see in the midst of our everyday doing...the habitual way we engage in the world, hence we need to be deliberate to the point of choosing our habits to give us the opportunity to see.

I'll let you absorb this for a bit and discuss each of these three distinctions by themselves.  It's a bit like eating fudge...very tasty but you can't really enjoy it in big bites.

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Chet Frame said...

Very interesting, Joe. I have been through a process that was based on Flores' guidance. Will you be discussing dominance of the aspects? Like, if I buy a red Honda I will see more red Hondas on the road.

Hal said...

The red Honda (mine would be an S2000) phenomena is a neuro-biological function called the reticular activating system. We see what we care about. While looking for a new car you'll see more red Hondas. But after a while, that concern goes away so we stop noticing the cars. All the more important to choose what we are concerned about.