Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How do we Notice?? Part 6

Hope you are hanging with me  and my pal, Hal Macomber about the things we notice.  We've both been influenced by Fernando Flores on this topic; Hal sumarized the critical elements in these three statements:

Flores explained this more effectively with the distinction "disclosive space." In short, what we see is governed by three concurrent aspects of our being.
  1. We see what we can distinguish, hence the need to learn.
  2. We see what we are concerned for, hence the importance to be clear for oneself and in social groups what concerns/goals we pursue.
  3. And, we see in the midst of our everyday doing...the habitual way we engage in the world, hence we need to be deliberate to the point of choosing our habits to give us the opportunity to see.
The third point about noticing goes deep to our involuntary actions.  I notice things I'm used to noticing.  It is my habit.

Do I notice what people say about me?  Or do I notice other people?

Do I notice what the company is doing for me?  Or do I notice how I can contribute?

Do I notice what I notice? Or do I just kinda keep going on?

Hal uses, intentionally, the word "deliberate" regarding the choice of our habits.  Well said, pal.

Be deliberate.  Choose wisely.

More coming.

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