Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A new writing project

This blog has been rather quiet for the past couple of months, which reflects two concurrent facts.

One is an incredibly busy period for my own manufacturing job.  Good stuff, but hugely time-consuming, filling work days and leaving little mental space for blogging.

The other fact, however, gets closer to actual root cause of minimal posting.

The more I learn about lean systems, the more I come to grips with the utter centrality of just a few things.  Particularly, the topics of pull, kaizen and respect for people dominate my perspective on leading a particular enterprise.

It's easy to write about what text to put on a kanban card.  I find it harder, however, to write clearly about communicating kaizen, for example.  Having little to say, I have chosen to not write.  Why clutter your already-crowded in-box or RSS reader with mere drivel??  Overproduction waste...yuck.

In the past week, though, a bit of clarity emerged for me.

I've begun writing a (short) book on a specific application of kaizen.  I hope to have it done by end of April.  But I'll probably not be posting here much.  There's only so much writing I find I can do.

I may well post some news on the project here...I may want your input to do kaizen on the kaizen effort.  But this space may well be quiet for the next few months.

Thanks for reading and, by all means, keep on learning.

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