Monday, February 27, 2012

How do we Notice?? Part 5

Continuing on "things we notice" following conversation with old friend, Hal Macomber regarding the work of Fernando Flores on this topic.

Flores explained this more effectively with the distinction "disclosive space." In short, what we see is governed by three concurrent aspects of our being.

1.We see what we can distinguish, hence the need to learn.
2. We see what we are concerned for, hence the importance to be clear for oneself and in social groups what concerns/goals we pursue.
Point #2 points out our internal filters which affect what we notice.  It's easier to illustrate than explain:

  • A friend took a new job in a company solely focused on market share.  His experience was all in a profit-oriented company.  "Why don't they care about profits?" he whined to me.  See point is concerned for market share. 
  • Paul O'Neill took over as CEO of Alcoa in 1987, he was centrally concerned about worker safety.  Surprise...he noticed safety and matters which affected safety.  
  • The public school teacher is concerned for her job.  She thus notices affronts to her union, which she views as the protector for her job. 
We each have concerns, that's not the question.  

The question is whether our concerns align with wise behavior, with worthy professional goals, with productive interpersonal habits.  

And achieving this alignment demands some reflection, to understand, deeply, our real concerns.  And to adjust (or blow up) some of them if need be.  

More to come.

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