Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Can't Have It Both Ways

Some days, the Lean Leader has to be fully strategic.  Big picture stuff.  "Here's why we use pull and not a scheduled build."  "This is why we make these labels so clearly."  It's qualitative.  Perhaps cerebral.  Almost always the verbal/written formulation of ideas.

Other days, the Lean Leader has to be fully tactical.  Detail stuff.  "I crunched these numbers and here's what I learned."  "We can't take 4 minutes of labor time here, it misses our target cost."  It's quantitative.  Perhaps boring.  Almost always with calculations and conclusions.

You often don't get to chose which day it's going to be, either.  So, smile when you wake's one or the other.

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1 comment:

Andres Glusman said...

Great post. Describes my yesterday! ...Today and tomorrow too!