Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Project Kaizen: Day Two

Project Kaizen: Day Two

Lots of awesome input today. Two things really grabbed me from today’s posts and links on Project Kaizen.

First, Bill quotes my web pal
Karen Wilhelm On Project Kaizen. Karen works at the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, is a frequent commenter on this blog and tolerates my poor grammer and weak logic in a very patient fashion. Karen edited a marvelous paper on Quickening the Pace of Product Development which is worth your read. Among other things, this paper includes a wonderful example of what project metric displays should look like. I’ve been searching for this and it only came to me today. Thanks Karen…you are welcome to make my blog look that good any day!!

Second, I discovered Kathleen Fasanella’s wonderful blog
Fashion-Incubator. Those of you who know me will think it a good thing that I read a blog on “fashion.” Alas, the mismatching shirts and pant will continue. Kathleen is a marvelous writer on how systems and people interact in her world, the production of clothing. She wrote last week the most marvelous description I’ve ever read on why improve a process that is working OK. Complete with illustrations. Go read it. You’ll get it. Thanks, Kathleen, for jumping in. I learned a lot.

Gotta head for bed…more projet kaizen on workstreams tomorrow.

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