Sunday, December 04, 2005

Project Kaizen: A Co-Blogging Adventure

Project Kaizen: A Co-Blogging Adventure

This week, I’ll be joining six fellow bloggers to discuss one topic: How do we apply lean principles to improve the process of projects? How do we bring kaizen to projects?

All of us are deeply involved in continuous improvement. And while kaizen is reasonably well known (if not well practiced) in processes, it is very much unknown in the project setting.

There are four settings in which projects happen; each of them have a context in which we can improve them. On Tuesday through Friday, we’ll discuss each of these settings. On Monday, we’ll all lead off with asking “why bother with kaizen in projects anyway?”

My buddy
Hal Macomber, a regular referent from this blog, initiated all of this out of his passion for excellence in project management and recognition of the need for kaizen in the project setting. I’m really humbled to be included in this discussion group, as some outstanding writers and thinkers will write along with me. I’ve added links to this “gang of seven” on the side of my blog here. I’ll include links with each posting as well. Our objective is that the mix of writing on one topic from seven points of view will add significantly to the understanding (and more importantly) the practice of improving projects. I urge you to follow the links each day. Please comment at any or all of our postings. If you have a blog, feel free to pick up on any theme that strikes you; include the words “Project Kaizen” in your blog title and folks can follow it as well. Hal promises a compilation of our writings and relevant comments in the next month or two.

Here’s a list of the other contributors and Hal’s introduction of each:

Hal Macomber, Project Reformer
Norman Bodek, Godfather of Lean
Mark Graban, Lean Commentary
Bill Waddell, Lean Provocateur
Jon Miller, Lean Leader
Chuck Frey, Innovation Maven

And…we’ll add one more blogger each day. It might be you! We’ll scan the other blogs keying off of our posts and one will be included in the Gang of Seven.

Hope you enjoy this exercise…and more importantly, it moves your projects along better, with less waste.

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Liza Mellin said...

WOW! What a blogging adventure! Before, I was wondering what Kaizen means and what is it all about. But through research, I've found out that Kaizen is a good method for improving your efficiency at work. It's a process that humanizes the workplace, eliminating so much hard work to increase productivity. I believe that more companies today are accustomed with this process already. I hope that you will be successful with this project!