Monday, December 05, 2005

Project Kaizen: Day One

Project Kaizen: Day One

Our Gang of Seven is off and blogging on project kaizen. Several emails reminded me I’ve left some folks in the dust!! Kaizen is a Japanese word that means “continuous improvement.” In practice, it is about a steady flow of small changes to make work more enjoyable, smooth and waste free. You can apply it anywhere (as my kids groan, having noticed). Our intent in this coblogging exercise is to apply it to the world of projects.

Two things strike me this evening, as I reread today’s entries.

Hal wrote on a familiar theme to us who know him:
being mindful of your surroundings and, importantly, being mindful of how to improve those surroundings in the project setting. Mull on this one a bit.

Norman produced a very useful piece on
Running Effective Meetings. Oh my, how projects could improve with just this discipline!

Tuesday, we all take on kaizen in the workgroup. Join us!

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