Friday, December 09, 2005

Project Kaizen: Day Five

Project Kaizen: Day Five

Wow, quite an amazing week of blogging on Project Kaizen. I was discussing this exercise over supper with my mother-in-law tonight. In her early 80s, she is very up on technology and has been following our discussions all week on-line. “It is a pretty amazing world,” she commented “when such a cool thing can happen. And it has been neat to learn about kaizen!”

She’s right…it is amazing. And let’s not take it for granted. From any background or perspective, anyone who wishes can learn. And the seven of us owe a debt of gratitude to all of our readers.

Hal will soon be posting some compilations of our postings. You can catch this announcement on
Reforming Project Management; I’ll mention it here as well.

I’d welcome any summary comments from our readers. Post them here in the comment section or feel free to
email me. The input from our readers is wonderful.

Thank you for listening and having a mood of optimism and inquisitiveness.

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