Thursday, March 15, 2012

Leadership and Same Page-ness

The National Basketball Association really doesn't interest me, I much more enjoy college hoops.  Yet, the story today of the sudden resignation of the coach of the New York Knicks NBA team caught my eye. 

The coach was caught in a bind.  The owner of the team meddled, selling and trading players with an eye to individual stars.  The former coach, in contrast, had a cohesive style of play which he was attempting to implement.  He needed players with the physical and mental skills to carry out that style of play.

When the Knick's highest paid superstar objected to this style, ostensibly because it deemphasized his own ability to show his individual skills, the atmosphere was simply too tough for the coach.  And he said "enough".

Having a common view of what success looks like and agreement on the core strategy to achieve it is essential.  Point speed vs system speed.  Do we agree?? 

Paying attention to that commonality is part of the role of a Lean leader. 

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