Sunday, March 11, 2012

Excellent new A3 resource

Jamie Flinchbaugh has done the Lean community yet another favor.  He recently released an ebook, A3 Problem Solving.   I've read it, twice, and found it very useful.

Of particular interest is his focus on clarity of thought as opposed to simply mechanically filling in pre-formed boxes.  Why do we use A3s??  It is to gain clarity on the nature of the problem, the complex problem; clarity on the root cause of that problem; clarity on what we will do about the problem; and clarity of evaluation on the effect we had on the problem.

In short, the purpose of A3s is to shape our thinking by shaping our doing.

Here's the link:

And a surprise!

This is not a free ebook.  But neither is there a set price.  Jamie allows YOU to set the price, based on what you think the value is to you!!  Very cool...walking the talk.

I recommend it.

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