Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Here's an excellent quote from an unusual source for me--a   musician at the South By Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas.  Describing his group's approach:

So a lot of themes are going to come back on the next record, I think, and they’ll always be there. On the one hand, maybe that might seem unoriginal, to keep recycling over and over again, but I also think novelty is overrated, and I think coherence is undervalued.

Coherence trumps novelty.  Even for a "creative" profession.  This band, anyway, wanted to have a recognizable theme, over time.  Some consistency.  A shape, a direction, something that hangs together, over time.

This is the same challenge for us as Lean leaders.  The principles really don't change.  Yet so many forces want the "new" thing...the new trick which will somehow make process excellence easier. 

The newness breeds the "flavor of the month" cynicism which tears apart excellence, however.  It's up to us to fight that trend, keep bringing the same theme back, over and over, yet in a fresh way, just like the band is trying to do. 

Coherence trumps novelty.

Also useful in raising children. 

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