Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Simple Metrics

A Handful of Key Metrics

As I’ve written often in this space, Lean systems must latch onto a small handful of key metrics. It is not easy to arrive at these metrics. Yet, when you do, it’s like the perfect vacation spot…you ask yourself “Why didn’t I use this sooner?”

First thing this morning, my colleague Kevin pointed out to me a new metric he’s using with his team. Simple. Clear. And puts its numeric finger onto an obvious problem.

Ten minutes later, my daily email from Blogarithm told me Jeff Angus added a new blog entry yesterday. Going there, I read his fascinating piece on simple, predictive metrics. It has much to teach the Lean practitioner.

Assess one of your metrics today. Make it clear and visual if you can. Then, see if you can explain it to three colleagues. You’ll be surprised.

I hope this is helpful.

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