Friday, July 09, 2004

Defensiveness, Blame, Curiosity

Defensiveness, Blame, Curiosity


Is it a coincidence?  Or am I just noticing?


Recently, Dave Anderson wrote on not blaming for poor performance.  Then, a few days later, John Sambrook wrote on how blaming incites defensiveness.  Several weeks ago, I posted a chart I found guiding us to shift from defensiveness to curiosity on a subject. 


Each post adds a facet to the same jewel.  The jewel is being effective in a rapidly changing environment. 


When things change rapidly, it is easy to shift blame.  It is easy to insist that the other person must be wrong.  How much better to rather choose to be curious about what is going on, to ask questions rather than making large statements, to understand first. 


This is good material...I hope you will read the links and follow through.  And I hope it is helpful for you. 




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