Thursday, July 29, 2004

How Lean Gets Started

How Lean Gets Started

I'm often asked how to get a Lean movement started.  Many influential voices say "You have to have strong backing from senior management."  I respect that.  And I've also never been fully comfortable with that viewpoint.  Nor does it jive with my own experience.  But I haven't been able to fully articulate my discomfort, though either. 

But others have.  In a recent thread on
The Northwest Lean Networks, one of our most articulate writers shared his experience.  In his first post, Bob Miller's advice is to "Just get started and let the benefits speak for themselves."  Read the whole post, it's short and good.  Then a few days later, he followed up with a specific example of how he did it .  Wonderful material

These experiences are useful and line up almost perfectly with my own history.  Owners and senior managers are not all pathological creeps, no matter what Dilbert says.  Just get started...someone will notice and you will be rewarded. 
 I hope this is helpful.


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