Saturday, September 13, 2003

One Year of "Learning About Lean"

I was surprised to observe that tomorrow marks one full year of this Blog. A few quick thoughts about it.

I first learned about blog technology about three years ago and was immediately fascinated by blogging's promise of rapid-fire, low-cost web publishing. I toyed with the idea for some time and was finally provoked by my friend Hal Macomber into starting it last fall.

What we have here is simply an experiment in learning. I find that when I can write about a subject, I understand it better. Nothing too complicated there. I've kept a personal journal for years...they are stacked up in my basement and may provide some humor for my grandchildren years from now.

The particular experiment of the blog was to see if a broader audience cared to eavesdrop on my musings about the practical issues of implementing Lean systems. I doubted it would be of much interest but decided to try it and open it up to my colleagues, vendors of our company and anyone else in the wider Lean community.

I continue to be amazed that these entries seem to have some interest, way more than I ever anticipated. Just a couple hours ago, the 101st person signed up for an email subscription via Bloglet. Thank you , "broyal at a company known for reliability"!! Plus, there are another 200 hits each week on the site. I don't hear much from anyone about it (except from my friend and colleague Al Schambach...thanks Al for not drooling through these!) yet I hope it is helpful. It certainly is to me.

I chuckled this morning when I reviewed my first entry. It was a humble attempt to capture some thoughts of a long-time friend of our company, Dwight Stoller, on the subject of dealing with change. In a way, I've continued to try to capture useful thoughts on implementing a Lean system. I guess that was a precursor of things to come.

Thanks for reading! Thanks for letting me learn about Lean. I hope you are too.

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