Saturday, September 06, 2003

More on Numbers

While we're talking about financial calculations, take a look at this excellent column on identifying key metrics from Inc Magazine. It is by Norm Brodsky, a great, practical thinker. His summary:
Indeed, the best businesspeople I know all have key numbers they track on a daily or weekly basis. It's an essential part of running a successful enterprise. Key numbers give you the financial information you need to take timely action. Business moves too fast to wait for the monthly, quarterly, or annual statements. By the time you get them -- weeks or months after the end of the period -- you're already dealing with the consequences of whatever problems may have arisen when you weren't looking. You've probably missed out on a number of opportunities as well.

Thanks to my friend and reader of this blog Brian McCory for this link. Brian is an expert on sales and marketing. If you need some help in that area, email me and I'll hook you up with him. He is currently available for consulting or employment.

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