Saturday, September 27, 2003


My pal Frank Patrick wrote a crisp blog last week on the futility of multitasking...some very good stuff, which I endorse fully.

So, I laugh as I sit in my basement on a Saturday afternoon, blatantly ignoring Frank's counsel, being a poster-boy for Multitasking instead. One radio has the Cubs playing the second game of a double-header against the Pirates in which they can clinch the division title. On a different radio, I'm tuned into the Purdue-Notre Dame football game, a personal special each year for me since I went to Purdue and my father played football at Notre Dame. And, as I do this, I sit at the computer, writing this blog.

Sorry Frank!! I promise not to do this at work this week...but it sure is fun when both the Cubs and the Boilermakers are ahead!!

I hope this makes you smile...and please, do as I say, not as I do!! Feel free to forward to a friend. Email me

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