Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Lean Behaviors: Mock Up

I was reminded twice today of the criticality of a simple, life-size mock up of a proposed change.  In our virtual, digital world (witness this blog :-) ) we mostly sit, staring at a computer screen.  Subtly, that becomes reality to us.

It becomes more of a shock and of supreme use to make up a model of a process.  

  • Use a refrigerator box as a "machine".  
  • Stand at a kitchen counter to model an assembly.  
  • Use empty milk jugs to simulate fluid flow.  
  • Write with washable markers on a wall to see how a pipe should run.  
  • Use playing cards to simulate kanban pick up and delivery.  
  • Put tape on the floor to show where you would walk between process steps.

Mock it up.  Now.  It's amazing what it will trigger for your learning.  

And then keep learning.


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Mark Welch said...

I've used mock ups for 2P (lean layout) events and they are wonderful for helping teams truly understand how their new processes may (or may not) flow. There is a lot of learning - fun learning - in rearranging the mockups - trystorming - to get to the best process a team can find.

Good tips. Good post