Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lean Behaviors: Focus

Years ago, a friend succinctly described the struggle her son had due to his ADHD.  "All stimuli carry equal weight to him," she said, sadly.  A bird flying by the classroom window carried equal meaning to the assignment written on the board.  He simply could not distinguish between the important and the trivial or irrelevant.  

The Lean leader must have eyes to see the important and ignore or downplay much else.  This is doubly difficult because events irrelevant to the delivery of value maybe very important to others, even senior people, in the organization.  

It isn't easy.  But everything is not important.  Only a few things truly are. 

Keep learning.



Chet Frame said...

Another very good post. Thank you, Joe.

Richard Dennis said...

Very good point. So many times, people get caught up with all the details/issues of work and life and lose sight of the all important 'Big Picture'.

TPM said...

Great post, nice to join this blog.Thanks

Wol14m said...

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Diary of Renabu said...

Thank you for shharing this