Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Lean Transformation Summit--Day One

I'm attending Lean Enterprise Institute's event in Orlando, the Lean Transformation Summit.  I've been hoping to get here for a couple years and it finally worked out this year.  It has been wonderfully challenging and helpful.  Highlights of Day One.
  • Lantech gave the most compelling presentation I've seen on building standardized management work.  They had striking demonstration of how this effort secured earlier gains and saw them through a very difficult 2009.  I have tools from this to allow us to save time and be more effective managers.
  • Jim Luckmen led a remarkable session on building Lean culture.  His insight on why culture changes, combined with Lantech's demonstration of specific management actions, was worth the entire price of admission.
  • I met fellow Lean Bloggers Mark Graban and Dan Markovitz.  A photo will follow as proof...but what a wonderful conversation with those two guys.  Dan offers insight on management work which is unique in the Lean community. 
  • LEI walks the talk.  The way they run this meeting exemplifies best practices in Lean.  I'm impressed with their attention to detail, customer satisfaction, waste-free efforts and rapid problem solving.  Very impressed.
More will follow in weeks to come.  I'm learning much. 

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Mark Graban said...

Joe -- it was great meeting you in person finally!!