Thursday, March 04, 2010

Lean Transformation Summit-Day Two

The second and final day of Lean Enterprise's major meeting was a good one.  Day One was very insightful for me.  Day Two went deeper into example and practice of effective leadership.  My initial highlights:
  • Mike Pulic of Grainger described his experience that a myriad of small, local improvement efforts trumps a few large projects. 
  • He offered one key quote:  "The central role of leadership is to foster candid conversations on the right topics."
  • Greg Peters of Goodrich, the aerospace firm, described his 15 years of experience driving Lean.
  • His summary of change?  "Awareness and Understanding can come through the brain but Commitment and Habit have to come through the heart."  An engineer by training and temperament, he nevertheless really understood the emotional component of the change process.
  • Jim Womack provided the final address with a measured and emphatic challenge to change how we manage.  I'll have much more to write about the topic as I try to absorb his emphasis.
It was a terrific time and I have much to mull and apply.  Stay tuned...I'll share my learnings. 

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