Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Why didn't I introduce myself?

Why Didn't I introduce myself?
This has bugged me all day.
I did a walk-through of our manufacturing space this morning.  Pretty much a standard path, looking at certain supermarket levels but, more importantly, greeting each associate, chatting and listening.  As usual, had a couple of very useful comments from several folks about opportunities for improvement.
At one work station, though, I saw a person I didn't recognize. I knew we had just hired a new associate and this, therefore, must be her.  She was in training with an associate I know well.  I talked with that familiar associate, as if the new person wasn't really there, then, as I walked away, I gave a lame "Glad you are here" to the new person. 
What a stinky job that was. 
And it has bugged me all day as to why I didn't just accept the fact that I spaced on her name, introduce myself, apologize and ask her name again and treat her with some respect. 
The unsettling answer to the question of "why" here is that I simply had too much pride.  Hey, I'm supposed to be responsible.  So, I'm supposed to know names and recognize people and chat amicably with them all.  So it would look really dumb for me not to just "know" this person's name.  And I was too proud to look dumb. 
And, if I'm too proud to simply ask a person her name, why on earth do I think I'll be humble enough to listen to her when she has a good idea for improvement?  Worse, why would I think she would bother to tell such an idea to a guy who treated her like a houseplant?
I have an apology to make in the morning. 
I also have to learn to introduce myself, all over again. 
Keep learning. 


Anonymous said...

Self-awareness is one of the marks of a good leader. You've got tomorrow to improve; but, your out-of-the-way efforts to remember and introduce yourself will build a lot of trust -- probably more than if you had introduced and remembered in the first instance.

Anonymous said...

ok before saying the apology, ask her is she remember's you ..kinda "hi do you remember me ?" and I'll be surprised if she did !!

..oh and then dont forget to say your sorry's :)-