Friday, April 20, 2007

Eliminating Waste at the Desktop

For those of us who battle email/voice mail/interruption clutter and long for a "5S" of our work lives, here is a radical and thought provoking treatment:
Brian does a nice job here and it merits your attention.
My current technical roadblock:  I can't get my MS Outlook Email to turn on and off automatically.  I'd like it to only receive emails at certain times of the day (10, 2 and 4, as Brian suggests, is a good start).  Does anyone have a good hack to cause it to do that??
Keep learning.


Anonymous said...

There's a little X in the top right corner, you could try that :)

Seriously, I got a second monitor at work a couple of months ago, and when I moved Outlook to that monitor it became almost out of sight, out of mind. I spend much less time being interrupted by it now.

Anonymous said...

In Tools->Options, there is a 'Mail Setup' tab. On that tab, click on the button 'Send/Receive'. Here you can set options for download frequency. Unfortunately there's no way to set a download time. But you can set it download every '240' mins... or, you can choose not to do automatic downloads and press F9 whenever you want to get new mail.