Monday, April 24, 2006

On Simplification

On Simplification

Tom Peters is one verbose guy…I’m astounded at the quantity of his blogging.  At times, I just start skimming when I sense he is typing, rather than writing.  


However, he had some substantial insight following a recent speaking trip to the heart of Russian Siberia, 4,000 miles East of Moscow.  The pithiest, to me, was:


There is a wretched tendency to keep complicating things, for the sake of self-amusement, to the point that the "eternal basics" disappear into the dust




When we gain knowledge in a specific area, such as Lean, we can forget the basics, finding them boring, and desire to complicate, adding topics, just because we can.  Just because it makes is more fun for us.  Self-absorption wins out over teaching and leading others.


A couple weeks ago, a speaker with TSSC addressed our local Lean Network.  And, for over two hours, talked about Standard Work.  One topic.  Deep.  Simple. Clear.  And she didn’t seem the least bit bored.  Not the least bit annoyed by our questions.  Her energy over the basics was palpable and inspiring. 


Peters captures it well.  Conquer a basic today.



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