Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Everyday Lean-multiple players!

Everyday Lean-multiple players!


In my original post on this series, I described what Hal Macomber and I would do, to describe everyday examples of Lean.  Hal added a good post on stoplights at on-ramps to improve traffic flow.  He'll add another one tomorrow.


Others are into the fray as well!!  Frank Patrick tells us more than we may need to know about his useful household pull system.  Then Ethan weighed in with an excellent example of kaizen and 5S that freed up resources and space for a home office. 


Each of these is worth reading, for a smile and ideas.  Lean is not hard...but it is profound.  I hope these examples of Everyday Lean are helpful for your own understanding. 


And many thanks to the contributors!


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