Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Daily Discussions with Drucker

Daily Discussions with Drucker


In a cool confluence of ideas, Michelle Miller blogged about her new choice of the Book of the Year a few weeks back.  It is a compilation of nuggets from Peter Drucker, titled The Daily Drucker, designed to be read on a daily basis throughout the year.   


Well, it didn't take a lot of prodding to get me to order the book.  I was first introduced to Drucker in 1979 in my first role ever as a supervisor.  My boss at the time gave me Drucker's classic The Effective Executive, saying "read this, it might help you."   The boss was wise...Drucker has proven even wiser.


No other individual has had as much an impact on my view of work and management than Peter Drucker.  I've read almost everything he's published since.  The man's laser sharp vision and tight prose are an inspiration.  I recommend him to anyone who asks (and some who don't). 


So, I've had this new Drucker treasure for a couple weeks now.  What relish I dive into each day's selection.  It is very much like a "blog in a book"...from the greatest management thinker of our day. 


I commend the book to you.  And don't be surprised to see comments on it on this blog.  Many thanks to Michelle for her tip...worth a lot!


I hope this is helpful. 



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