Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Look who's Blogging now!

Look who's Blogging now!


No less a thought leader than Tom Peters himself!  His company re-did their corporate website a month or so ago, shifting to a central focus on blogs from Peters' and his team.  Then, yesterday, Tom wrote a long entry on direct marketing which included this bit:


(4) Upon re-reading Michael Levine's Guerrilla PR Wired: Waging a Successful Publicity Campaign Online, Offline, and Everywhere in Between, I summarily decided that my future-for good or for ill-lies to a significant degree in blogging. (Again: Stay tuned!)


Tom Peters?  Seeing his future in blogging????  We'll see.  I have to say, though, I've been a fan of Peters ever since he and Bob Waterman wrote In Search of Excellence in 1980.  And, yes, he's out there.  And yes, he's right a lot of the time.  And, reading his site, he has some very timely (read: same day) insight into how companies work and don't work. 


It's worth reading. And it's free. 


I hope you find it helpful. I sure do. 


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