Saturday, August 28, 2004

Creating "Pull" in Advertising

Creating "Pull" in Advertising


Once again, Seth Godin finds a way to force conventional wisdom with his recent post: Seth's Blog: John Battelle on upside down advertising.  Read it, with the link, if you find this clip fascinating. 

The short version: Imagine online ads that carry money and rules with them. If you're a blogger or web publisher or even someone sending out email, and you fit the rules for a given ad, you can publish it. Every time you do, you get paid.

The ads deplete the money in their account and then vanish. If the ads are working, the advertiser refills them. If publishers find that readers like them, they publish them more often.

Talk about a Lean concept!  Here, the advertising is quite literally PULLED through the system.  Only ads that conform to a certain demographic and are effective get funded.  We don't have silly ads foisted on us.  The customer rules. 


So, a company posts on it's server an on-line ad it thinks (hopes, wishes, dreams) will work.  It invites on-line sources to post the ad.  When they do, the on-line posting host gets a small amount of money wired to its bank account.  Good ads propagate...ineffective ads go away.  An ultimate PDCA cycle.  


And Seth correctly points out most of us are afraid of the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.  To our own peril.


Scratch your head on this one...I am.  And I hope it is helpful

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