Saturday, April 12, 2003

An Experiment in Learning

In the coming week, I’m devoting this weblog to an experiment in learning, collaborating and understanding systems. I hope you’ll stay with me for it!

Two guys whom I deeply respect invited me to join them as the three of us will write all next week about the Theory of Constraints (TOC). Hal Macomber is a friend and a leading thinker on the application of TOC and Lean to project management, such as one encounters in a large construction project or in producing quality software. Frank Patrick is one of the deepest thinkers I know on TOC and will lend his considerable understanding of constraints to the effort. I’ll chip in with my observations of how TOC and Lean interact. I’ve thought a lot about this in studying both streams of though for a number of years.

Each of us has our own weblog and this is an experiment to see if collaboration on one topic from three views is helpful to those who read our musings. Thus, I’d really appreciate your feedback on whether our writing helps or muddies your understanding of systems.

For you who subscribe to "Learning About Lean", it appears that Bloglet is now up and running again. I hope it stays up for the week. Frank and Hal both have Bloglet links on their sites, so if you want to get all three postings each day in a single email, pop in to their websites and add your email address to their Bloglet sign up. If not, there will be clear links each day.

I’m really honored to write with these two solid thinkers. I hope you find the exercise helpful.

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