Saturday, April 19, 2003

A brief wrap up on a week of TOC and Lean

I hope the preceeding series was helpful in exploring how Theory of Constraints can help explain how to make sense of the crazy world of projects. A few summary random comments.

  • I appreciate Hal and Frank inviting me to join this discussion. The original idea was Hal's. He understands the power of networking and "walks the talk" really well. Frank brings a deep, deep understanding of TOC and is an excellent writer. I hoped to share with this audience the synthesis I find between TOC and Lean. Did the three of us bring clarity or muddy the waters? We hope the former.
  • One interesting fact is that Frank and Hal both make their living consulting. I spent 12 years in the consulting world, 10 with a medical device development firm and two on my own. Now I'm with a commercial construction company, FBi Buildings and as such draw a regular paycheck. So, while we all understand consulting, Hal and Frank are actually for hire. If you have needs, contact either of them to see if they could help you.
  • Writing is a central learning tool for me, personally. So, my primary purpose in writing on this blog is because I am "Learning about Lean." I continue to be astounded that others seem to find it useful to look in, "over the shoulder" so to speak. I'm humbled and appreciative.
  • We'll compile the entire document and make it available sometime soon (hey, we all have other jobs too!!). Stay tuned...we'll publicize the link.
  • Learning is an interactive thing. I hope you can talk and interact with others where you are about these topics. Read some further books. Mostly, go do it. Try something. You can't learn to swim sitting on the edge of the pool.
I hope this is helpful. Thanks for listening.

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