Monday, March 24, 2003


[note: I wrote this two days ago and am reposting on March 24, due to technical problems. jfe]

It is a quiet Saturday morning. I'm sitting here in my home office and just a while ago had a sense "Wow, this is sure nice!" and mulled a bit on why it struck me so firmly. There is nothing special about my basement. The ping-pong table and dehumidifier are pretty much standard midwestern issue. But it quickly hit me.

I realized that for the past 12 consecutive days, I have been going non-stop, averaging 16-18 hours a day of fairly intense interaction with people. Business meetings, seeing my son in the Army, connecting with vendors, addressing sudden concerns of colleagues and customers; you know the routine. All of it wonderful...I enjoy my job, vendors, family, friends. When I totalled the days up this morning, I chuckled though. "No wonder you feel a bit depleted," I chided myself.

Each of us involved in continuous improvement efforts can only lead when we ourselves have the mental and physical reserves to think clearly and creatively. Each of us have routines and patterns which refresh us. For me, it is getting some space, reading, writing, being quiet, praying. I encourage you to get in tune with yourself to recognize when you feel depleted. Then learn take actions to restore yourself.

I hope this is helpful.

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