Friday, February 14, 2003

"A pencil is one of the best of eyes"

To "document reality" one has to observe. Closely. Looking for patterns. Grasping what is really there, not what is imagined. Can this be learned or do some people just "have it" while others don't?

As I pondered this recently, I recalled a short story I first came across over 30 years ago. Having long lost the book I remember it from, I found it on the Web and link to it here.

The story is called "The Student, The Fish and Agassiz" and was written by a budding young student taught how to observe by a wise but unconventional professor around 1870. It is marvelously and colorfully written and applies fully to our struggle to improve our systems. Please read it and enjoy it with me. I'll comment more on it in my next posting.

(If you would like a .pdf version of the story, click here.)

I hope this is helpful...and may all of your fish be Haemulon : ) Feel free to forward to a friend. Email me

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