Thursday, February 20, 2003

Just Write it Down

As I reflected on my day this evening, I had a bit of an "ahaaaa." I counted seven specific situations that presented themselves to me today. Each was perplexing. Each had several sides and solutions were not obvious. In each case, someone expected a solution from me.

Each one, in addition, had lingered. Some for a couple days. Two for well over three weeks.

I was blocked into non-action. I had become comfortable with non-action. And I felt trapped.

And then I made some notes on the thorniest of them. By hand. With a pencil. The block started to dissipate.

Duhh, Joe, read your own blog from the past few days.

Agassiz said "The pencil is the best of eyes." There is something fascinating that happens when I pick up a pencil and write or draw the situation. This simple exercise, as I saw it unfold, unlocked some tough situations for me.

If you get stuck today, start doodling. Make a sentence. Write a paragraph on a computer. Compose an email. Draw a picture to show someone else. Color something.

DO SOMETHING WITH A PENCIL which I say to myself as well!

I hope this is helpful.

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