Wednesday, October 30, 2002

5,000 (almost) Apple Pies -- The final story

We did a wrap-up of our apple pie adventure on Monday night. While I was quite pleased with the operational aspects of the exercise, the financial results blew me away, to wit:

  • We netted just over $20,000, to add to the school's tuition assistance fund
  • We had 95 volunteers donate an average of 3.5 hours each to make pies
  • This works out to over $55.00 per volunteer hour

I wonder how many non-profit fund raisers can point to that kind of productivity?? What a compelling statement to ask folks to be involved!! Plus, it was fun to work in a clean, orderly, U-shaped production facility where materials came to you and there was little clean-up, due to the minimal WIP!!

I hope to get photos posted this weekend.

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