Sunday, September 15, 2002

Making quick application

I find that if I quickly try out something that I have learned, I learn it more deeply.

This morning, in a non-work setting, I briefly explained the four steps of forming a habit; awareness, awkwardness, skill, habit. The setting was a class at my church for parents of teen-agers. The other parents were struggling to implement some of the concepts we were trying to learn.

I quickly wrote the four steps on a piece of paper and described the two steps. The six other people stopped, absorbed, then reached for their own paper to copy it down.

As one guy said "I always get stuck at the "awkward" step...I don't persevere enough to get to "skill" " Well said.

My application... try to communicate, quickly, what I'm learning. It helps me assess if it is useful or not. And, hey, it might help someone else too.

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