Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Learning About Lean is up and Running Again

After a nine-year layoff, I'm back to writing here.   

So where have you been, Joe??

Glad you asked.   

Suffice it to say it got intense.   I continued to lead our manufacturing efforts making medical devices.   Business was good and I had a lot of leadership demands.   We implemented Lean systems and kept driving that effort.    

At the end of 2020, I retired from Cook Biotech.   Amazing to have reached that point in my life.   

I've spent much of 2021 retooling and pondering the next steps...I've never felt retirement was "shapeless leisure."   Instead, it's a new purpose.   

One of those purposes will include more writing about business, processes, decision making, Lean and applications of these.    

I may update this platform but will link back to it.   

Lots to say...here we go.   

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