Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tom Peters on Systems

I've long been a fan of Tom Peters.  Second only to Peter Drucker in business writers who have influenced me, Peters' often brash views have jarred and stretched me repeatedly ever since I read "In Search of Excellence" for the first time in 1982. 

I'm also a fan of systems...thus this blog about Lean.

So, when Peters published a short paper on the role of systems last week, I read it with interest.  While systems have a place, he says, it is SECOND place.

What is more crucial than systems??  He suggests two things:
  • Passionate local leadership
  • Corporate culture that supports superior quality work
In that setting, systems work.  Apart from these prerequisites, systems are inadequate. 

The paper is worth your reading.  It squares with my experience. 


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Stan said...

Joe Thank you so much for posting this short paper from Tom Peters on Systems. It knits together, in my opinion the two most important elements necessary to gain lasting success. I am very much indebted to you for sharing this work.

Ari Kause said...

Thank you for sharing Peters' paper. Too often lean focuses on the process. I agree with Peters, the process is certainly important, but process improvement will not actually improve a company unless the corporate culture strives for excellence and local leadership buys into the improvements whole heartedly.

Marlin Wright said...

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