Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just in time Discount for Just in Time Shoppers for Just in Time Books

Our good friends at the Lean Enterprise Institute passed along a nice discount offer to me today.  . 
All you need to do is head for the Lean Enterprise Institute's online Store at  and enter THANKYOU09 in the discount code field at checkout. Their offer is good through Jan 31, 2010. 
Just think of the romance and sparkle this will bring your special someone on Christmas morning!  "Oh, honey, you got me that book on Hosin Kanri!  And just in time for my strategic planning for next Christmas!"  Remember folks, nothing says "I love you" quite like a new X-Chart template on a CD in the back of a book.  
OK, so I exaggerate.  Yet maybe not...forward this post to that same someone who is completely stuck on what to get YOU this year.  Explain that this is simply an effective pull system for gift giving. 
Keep learning, keep smiling. 


Chet Frame said...

You can Kaizen the Christmas tree. You can blitz Blitzen.

Have a great year, and thank you for another year of good discussion.

Mark Graban said...

Gemba Claus is coming to town!