Saturday, November 21, 2009

5S for Company Activities

At its core, the Lean discipline of 5S is about having just what we need, at hand, uncluttered by that which I don't need.  While easy to see in a physical setting, it is harder to detect organizationally.
But maybe this metaphor will make it a little easier.  I read this uncredited "saying" earlier today:
If the horse is dead, dismount.
If the activity, meeting, program, newsletter, metric serves no purpose, adds nothing more than a dead horse would add, drop it. 
Keep on learning. 


Anonymous said...

Could the same be said for a lean initiative that has been abandoned by an organization's top and middle management?

Anonymous said...


I didn't write the above question out of sarcasm or ill will. I'd really like to hear what you think. I'm working in an organization that once proclaimed lean as its improvement model but no longer has any vestage of lean activity - barely a pulse. It has been abandoned but outwardly says it practices lean.

What do you think? Time to dismount? Any other thoughts?

5s Lean said...

Great Post.

eva white said...

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