Thursday, July 16, 2009

Management by NOT Wandering Around

Ohno said go and stand and watch one thing until you see it break and can understand it.  Management by NOT wandering around.
Tom Peters said go and see everything.  Management by wandering around.
Despite the seeming difference, I suspect both gurus would agree if they actually talked. 
Both would urge each of us to get to gemba, the place where value is added.
The difference?  Ohno would be for deeper and narrower.  Peters is more concerned for strategy and scope.
Yet going and standing is a central way to do things.  Better
See what you can see today as you keep on learning.


Anonymous said...

Results results results

The stress of the current economic reality is driving our lean program into the ground. The boss is being beaten up daily by his bosses to show some kind of ROI on everything we do. So, instead of patiently watching as we are learning, we run around looking for any signs of measurement that can relieve the pain. Frankly, I would just as soon have him go back to management by teleconference

Unknown said...

I think ohno was setting an example. If everybody focuses deeply on one thing your alot better off than if everybody focuses superficially on everything.