Saturday, August 09, 2008


Why do we tolerate clutter? Is it a crutch? Is it an effort to hide the work we don't want to get done? We'll never know while it surrounds us.

Gotta get rid of the messes. The physical messes. The email messes. The relational messes. The structural messes.

All of them are clutter. Getting in the way. Distracting us.

The leader has enough distractions already. Why do we put more in our way?

Start with your desk. Then de-clutter your email inbox. Then, go make an apology to someone you’ve offended.

De-clutter. Daily.

It is essential.


Unknown said...


What about those of us who are organized when everything is out? I have several projects in various states: some are in development with various timelines, some are waiting for clients to get back to me, some are on hold for a while because of my choices of what to work on. But I really excel when everything is "out" in some way. Putting things behind doors or in drawers doesn't work for me. Got ideas?

lafever said...

I started a sort of 5S project at home to rid my house of all the things I don't need-a really big sort. After two months in, I am seeing positive progress that I posted on. I really can't believe I didn't do this years ago. Get rid of the muda!