Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lean Supermarket, Inc

Lean Supermarket, Inc

I'm pleased to add a link to Lean Supermarket to my blog. Brent Jorgenson, the owner of this on-line resource for us lean junkies, asked me to take a look at his material and post the link if I thought it would be useful.

It is.

Brent has a long experience in implementing lean and saw a need for a one-stop shop to find kanban card holders, 5S aids, quick changeover tools, andon boards and the like. So his effort is to reduce the waste many of us have sensed as we try to move a batch and queue operation into a viable pull system with visible flow.

On top of that set of noble intentions, Brent works out of my home state of Nebraska. Nebraska, you say??? What could possibly come out of the prairie of Nebraska??

Actually, we are very practical, frugal people. People for whom Lean has instinctive appeal. So I'm glad to link up with Brent and commend is on-line store to you.

Keep on learning.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Joe,

I have been following your blog for a few months now. It is great to hear (and quite a surprise I might add!)that you are a fellow Husker. The benefits of lean are embraced quickly by many of our employees. I think as you mentioned being practical and frugal allows for some of this. Thanks for another great link for information, and another avenue for networking lean concepts and improvement results. If you are in Lincoln sometime I would like to invite you to tour our facility. It is always good to have another person give you feedback on lean progress.


Tom Holland
Lean Facilitator
Teledyne Isco
Lincoln, NE