Thursday, May 03, 2007

One more time...go to Gemba

Had breakfast earlier this week with a good friend who has a leadership role in a classic office complex.  He mentioned that his CEO came to him recently, wondering why my friend had a better "finger on the pulse" of the organization than he did.
My friend pointed out that the CEO's travel schedule had him out of the office 3-4 days each week.  On the other had, my friend was simply there, almost every day.  As such, he was highly visible and saw what was going on.  In person.  Daily.
My friend works in Gemba.  His CEO does not.
Gemba ( is the workplace, the physical spot where work happens.  There is simply no substitute for being there, for watching, for observing, in gemba. 
This is not a new concept in Lean.  And like most of the basic concepts, it bears repeating. 
Go to Gemba.  And keep learning.

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Anonymous said...

Amen brother. Good steady output lately. Keep up the good work.