Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Plan vs. Actual -- Part 5

Plan vs. Actual—Part 5

Attention. It’s crucial. When we give attention to something, we start noticing it in other places. Have you ever shopped for a new (to you) vehicle, with a particular model in mind? And find that you then “see” that model frequently while on the road. Yeah, attention.

So, it is with my current attention on Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle (PDCA), or Plan vs. Actual, that I start seeing it more. I gave a presentation on it last week to our entire staff and have been talking about it a lot.

And, this morning, I note that no less a light than Tom Peters writes a very concise (for him) piece on implementing after planning. Execution of the idea and its absolute criticality.

That’s where most of us live. Tom speaks strongly to the subject.

Go get something done today.

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