Friday, October 07, 2005

Making Better Decisions

Making Better Decisions


Yesterday's readings from Peter Drucker:


A decision without an alternative is a desperate gambler's throw, no matter how carefully thought through it might be.


Which triggered a memory of a Frank Patrick blog in July (click here and scroll down to July 5 for the full post):


One choice is not a choice, it is a trap;
two choices is not a choice, it is a dilemma;
three choices is a choice.


Good decisions, a necessary element of good leadership, requires an understanding of choices.  No choice is indeed a "gambler's throw", a "trap". 


If you are in process leadership, you are probably an action-oriented person.  Good.  And we still need to pause.  Find choices.  Write. Noodle.  Be open.  Wait.  Think. Mull.
I hope you can mull this and find it a bit helpful.

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