Thursday, August 25, 2005

Distractions vs. Focus

Distractions vs. Focus


Today's activities:

--accounting issues

--unplanned tour to give

--a lost document to find

--a wounded ego to salve

--plan a major project that just emerged

--plan a kaizen event for next week


So, what else is new?  Sounds pretty normal doesn't it? 


One of the key features of a lean system is the ability to separate the important things that require our attention from the noise that is always there.  This is why we use kanban cards, for example (making the fulfillment of inventory clear and easy) or daily production charts (which show us the key metrics we know we need). 


We need these tools to separate the important from the rest of the things that clamor for our attention.  Not all signals are created equal. 

I hope you can separate the key signals from the fluff today.


I hope this is helpful.



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