Tuesday, November 16, 2004

No, this is not Jidoka

No, this is not Jidoka


After reading Saturday's entry about Jidoka, my old pal Matt Gudeman emailed me with this tongue-in-cheek counterproposal:


Enjoyed learning about Jidoka this morning.

I don't know though. There must be some merit to the conventional way:

1.    Detect an error
2.    Blame someone
3.    Cobble something up to get by "just this once"
4.    Talk to someone about how stupid employees really are these


Indeed.   That's how it usually goes and it sounds silly when written out.  Yet it is true.  I hope you can find a way around the usual method and use Jidoka properly!


I hope this brings a smile. It did to me...thanks Matt!


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