Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Talk about Single Piece Flow!

Talk about Single Piece Flow!


Just learned about Woot! a couple of weeks ago.  A website that takes single piece flow to the retail extreme. 


They offer one product per day.  Every day at midnight, they post a new product.  One at a time.  Their FAQs are a riot to read. 


Does this work?  I don't know. The site appears to be a place for buyouts and inventory clear-outs for techno-stuff.  Does it make money?  Don't know either...but they do sell out on a number of their items.


The Lean Lesson? 


A clear focus and offer of value.  In the extreme.


Pure pull.  They offer an RSS feed; the ultimate technical pull tool.  No pushing going on here.


Seems waste free.  The prices are awesome and there is a very bare-bones offer to people who are comfortable with such gear.


And it makes you think more broadly just how deep this could go.


I hope this is helpful.. 


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